Week 1 – Is there an L-plate for social media?!

Oops, we’re live! Our products hit the stores one week earlier than expected – an amazing feeling, followed by a scramble to get our mission out to the people! How would I describe our first week as entrepreneurs?


I don’t think anything prepares you for taking your own baby to market. Between Sebastian and I, we’ve spent years plotting and imagining this day – ticking off task for task between demanding day jobs and family life. Then the decision to go 100% NO PLANET B. In the last six months we’ve had zero income and some BIG bills … and all for the magic day when we go live! We were so excited that we called the dm-drogerie markt stores that sold our very first body lotion (Hamburg-Altona) and shower gel (Berlin Ring-Center) to thank the staff personally for launching our brand. I suspect they thought we were mad, but I felt giddy with joy and so, so thankful for dm-drogerie markt for making this day come true. Then reality set in. The reality that I am not a digital native and there’s a whole universe of difference between consuming social media and being active on it. If there was an L-plate for Instagram, it’d be on my bumper, baby. Our commitment to our mission is massive. We have to value the resources we have around us today, we have to think beyond ourselves to understand the implications of everything we do. But we have to find joy in doing so. No-one likes to feel bad. Small actions, big impact. We’re a tiny brand putting ourselves out there with some juggernaut global players, but we believe! We believe with all our might. And sometimes, just sometimes, that’s all it takes. So, believe in something this week and see how much joy it brings you!

Jessie Woelke