The butterfly


The Butterfly

What inspired our logo…

Street Art: “It’s the most direct “I was here” in the arts”. Josh, Alternative LDN

NO PLANET B exists to value the under-valued, to appreciate what we overlook as a society, to celebrate things we don’t always appreciate in this moment in time. One art form that has often been overlooked in its time is street art. Or graffiti, vandalism, defamation of public spaces, depending on your attitude towards it. To us, it’s culture. It’s communication. It’s a direct dialogue with whoever cares to listen. Years of conflict between the street artists and their art form with local councils and irate property owners has more recently flourished into an art form more recognised, more permanent, more celebrated - and in recent months, more sensational (thanks to the Banksy stunt). But street art at its heart is ephemeral, fleeting. Something here today and gone tomorrow. This ephemeral art form is very personal to our brand. Street art not only influenced how our brand looks with its beautiful stencil-style butterfly, it influenced the silent protest hidden in its wings. We call this our call to action, a call to action to respect this planet we inhabit, to see the resources we are too inclined to waste. In this way it appropriates the power of street art to have your say.  Street art is the ultimate platform for everyman. Whether you joke, swear or simply mark your protest, street art is accessible to anyone, at any time. That’s what our brand is intended to be: for all. Beyond the products, our brand is there as a positive comment or a critique. To help mark something you love or to shine a light on something you don’t. 

NO PLANET B exists to value the under-valued. To appreciate what we have now. To celebrate the things we overlook. The same way street art can turn an ordinary space into something extraordinary for a brief moment in time, we hope our own journey can help open your eyes to the value of what’s around you now. Or what’s here today, may be gone tomorrow. But like street art, we do have the power to have our say. To make our mark. To change the course of history, no matter how small. Small actions, big impact. That is the butterfly effect.

Jessie Woelke