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Our story…


I was lucky enough to experience the power of a brand early on. As an Account Manager in an advertising agency, I worked on the original Dove “Real Women” campaign. To me, it was exciting to do something different, to wag a finger at all those brands making women feel bad about themselves. What I couldn’t anticipate at the time, is just how many women felt bad about that. How ready we were to retaliate against the size zero model culture and its airbrushed perfection. Today, I have a daughter and a son. I worry about what social pressure will impact them but I worry far more about what we are doing to the planet all our kids will inherit. NO PLANET B has given me a platform to voice my joys, my likes and my fears. It has given us and hopefully others a way to make a stand against wasting our resources. And to do it our way, with positivity and a sense of humour, sometimes provocative and with a touch of rebellion. Yes, it is still just beauty product but for me, NO PLANET B is a chance for people to make a vote for a better world - for our kids, for our beautiful planet and for everything to come.


NO PLANET B had been in our heads for a long time. Or at least pieces of it. Over the last two years, Jessie and I have put our puzzle together, piece by piece. Why did we start a business in our early 40s and risk our life-savings? Because we saw meaning in it. It made sense to use our experience in the industry for something we believe in. To do something that our six- and our eight-year-old understand. A shower gel that wants to make the world a little bit better? How "old school" in a world where everything revolves around virtual and digital things. Of course, a shower gel and a body lotion will not change the world. But the people who use them will. Thanks for that!

Jessie Woelke